Cabenture CRM Features

Enquiry & Booking Management

With Cabenture you can create enquiry and take follow ups on the pre created enquiries.

  • Create and Modify enquiries & bookings from different sources.
  • Send booking status to customer directly over the Email or SMS.
  • Follow up the pending enquiries.
  • Cancellation facility & management module.

Rate Management

This feature allows you to manage the rates you wish to keep on the panel for bookings.

  • Manage Rates for different types of fleets.
  • Manage Rates for fleets from different vendors and set markup on them.
  • Set the driver allowance, night charges & waiting charges for the time you want.

Dispatch Management

You can send dispatch status to driver and same to the guest through the system.

  • Dispatch booking to listed Drivers of Vendors.
  • Send Email and SMS to the Drivers and Guest.
  • User wise & day wise taxi dispatch reports.

Vendor/Driver Management

You can have the list of drivers or vendor with proper documentation and details.

  • Add and manage Drivers list.
  • Vendor Profile.
    • Contact Details
    • Documentation
    • Bank account records
  • Manage Booking to different vendors and drivers.

Fleet Management

Fleet management empowers you to keep an eye on your entire fleet easily, manage all the data of your vehicles including license and insurance renewal data.

  • Vehicle type wise inventory.
  • Vehicle documentation with status.
  • Vehicle Insurance, Permit records.

Finance and Accounting

All your car rental business financial records like payment receipt, purchase, sales,partner commissions in one place.

  • Generate Invoice And send to guest automatically.
  • Online payments (Payment gateway) records.
  • Date wise Revenue report.

Business Operations Reporting

This feature gives you an insight of what's happening in your business by generating variety of reports.

  • Car rental booking reports city wise & trip type wise.
  • Daily Inquiry & Bookings Report.
  • Source Wise Booking Summary Report.
  • Origin and Destination wise booking summary report.
  • Booking Summary Report trip duration wise.
  • Driver & Vehicle wise booking summary report.